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Soundview Medical Associates, LLC
761 Main Avenue
Norwalk, CT 06851
Phone: (203) 838-4000
Fax: (203) 845-9535

Please do NOT use email to disclose any private or personal patient information. If you wish to discuss something in private, please use our Patient Portal.

To Reach your Doctor

If you need to reach your doctor, ask a medical question, or schedule a test, dial the numbers below. For the Norwalk office, please call our main number (203) 838-4000 and your doctor's extension below.

Norwalk Office: (203) 838-4000

Dr. Adelmann x147
Dr. Beger x163
Dr. Bookas x177
Dr. Chi x173
Dr. Cochran x234
Farina (PA) x137
Ferro (Nurse Practitioner) x212
Held (Nutritionist) x212
Dr. Kelly x178
Dr. Khan x125
Dr. Kumar x175
Phillips (Nurse Practitioner) x126
Dr. Polyakova x176
Dr. Riback x137
Dr. Sammarco x174
Dr. Schussheim x230
Dr. Siegel x205
Dr. Soni x230
Dr. Sparks x191
Dr. Tomasulo x207
Dr. Varadarajan x218
Dr. Wei x135

Darien Office

Dr. Schwartz 203-662-9333
Dr. Stern 203-662-9333

New Canaan Office

Dr. Lautenbach 203-966-8079
Dr. Svogun 203-966-8079
Caroline Luke, APRN 203-966-8079

Questions about billing?

Luz V. ( 203-838-4000
ext 108

Need Medical Records?

Susan S. ( 203-838-4000
ext 107

Problems or Questions about our Patient Portal?

Sylina G. (

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If you are a patient at Soundview Medical Associates or take care of a family member who is a patient at Soundview, we would appreciate your taking the time to fill out our survey and offer any comments that may help us to improve our service.

Employment Opportunities

We often have exciting and interesting job opportunities available with Soundview Medical Associates.  Please call us if you are interested in finding out about current open positions. We provide competitive salary ranges as well as standard medical benefits and an employee savings plan.

You may call our main number 203 838-4000 x217  and ask to speak to someone about employment opportunities with Soundview Medical Associates. Please fax all resumes to 203-845-9168.
Thank you.